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$ man tfnux
[956784.227264] audit: it's a trap !
TFNUX(7)                                          Miscellaneous Information Manual                                         TFNUX(7)

       babz - pseudo-random signal generator

       D latches, compilers and general nerdery

       Internet entity usually referred to as [REDACTED] or "babz".

       Working as an embedded software engineer at [REDACTED].

       Electronics hacker, tries to grow music by sowing FPGAs.

       Programming languages enjoyer. Compilers are cool.

       List lover. And lists of lists too.
       What happens if I add my list of lists into my list of lists ?

       Don't follow me, it's a trap.

       SMTP: babz@tfnux.org

       IRC: hackint.org
            /msg nickserv info amdshk


       9E3D D7E5 ACA6 4BB8 7572 FAB0 9E17 3B00 F6A5 D63E
       $ curl https://tfnux.org/babz.gpg.asc | gpg --import

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